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What's in your back pocket?

As mentioned in our last blog post, each product we build is field tested before attaching our seal of approval. While I'm completely in love with every item we produce, I obviously have to carefully select which items suit my daily needs - well enough to endure as my own personal carry items. In this post, I just want to briefly share with you some of the items I carry every single day, and why. #1. The Front Pocket Cardholder The cardholder I carry to this day is actually the very first cardholder I ever made. Yes, I've made a few cosmetic improvements since it's creation (over 2 years ago), but it is essentially the same as the front pocket...

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Well, here we are!

So, over the past year or so, I have been putting along on a free website builder. I figured I could make that work, I just had a hard time committing to any one decision. I'd move a few things around here and there, but was never completely happy with the minimal progress I was making. Between our etsy shop, and random orders stemming from Facebook and Instagram, I was keeping busy enough - on top of being a full time student anyway. Well, final exams ended on Monday, and I am finally ready to invest some serious time and effort into making and sharing some awesome leather goods! This week has been a blast! I've spent time catching up...

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